Is an Intervention needed?

Big Hair from the 80's

Don’t get stuck in a fashion rut, especially if that fashion is listed in the Top Ten worst fashions of any decade. I have to laugh when I look back at old pictures of myself and see the ridiculous things that I proudly wore. Yes, I wore my hair just like the ladies in this photo!


I remember a certain ivory colored, belted shirt-dress that had HUGE shoulder pads. I think that I may have been almost as wide as I am tall in that dress. The shoulder pads had to be a good 8 inches wide on each side of my tiny little body. It was all the rage then but now it looks completely ridiculous in the photos. But lemme tell ya, I wore it with a great amount of confidence because it was the coveted fashion of the time. Thank goodness I abandoned that look when it went by the wayside!


Proof right here that Cindy and I should NOT still be rocking these looks from the past! I can’t decide if my hair or my shoulder pads win for the most ridiculous, lol! Cindy is obviously loving the “bubble bangs” look!
















Into the 90’s, big hair became popular. I was born for that particular style! I was so glad that stick straight hair was no longer considered trendy since I had not learned how to control my curls yet. I welcomed big hair and wore it well. I’m not talking about just big hair, I’m talking about big TEXAS hair and even bigger bangs. I used a hair dryer, round brush and a can of hairspray to create this bubble on my forehead that was so big you could hide a small dog under it. No kidding! Why in the world did we do this? I look at pictures of me and am amazed at how I accomplished this feat.



Some styles do make their way back around eventually. I’ve always heard stylists say that if you have worn it before then you are too old to wear it again when it gets recycled. I tend to disagree with this a little bit. I think there are age appropriate ways to wear most fashions no matter your age. I don’t think I need to name obvious exceptions to this but I will name a few just in case there is any doubt. Bare midriffs or mini skirts on 50 year olds. Just because you still look good doesn’t mean you need to show it to everyone. You had your season. Let the 20 year olds have theirs! Doesn’t mean you have to shrivel up and die, just show some class.


80's fashionsThe real question that you have to ask yourself is…… did you ever STOP wearing “it” in the first place? If you are still dressing and styling your hair the same way you did 30 years ago, maybe you need a friend to step up and intervene. If money isn’t an issue, hire a stylist to help you with a makeover. Get out of that rut! Take a chance on a new look! Just because you got all kinds of compliments wearing big bangs, parachute pants, neons, and leg warmers a few years ago doesn’t mean you should still be rocking that look today.

Trust me, you are really aging yourself by not paying attention to new looks. It’s not necessary to do it all overnight. Start with the hair since that is something that will be noticed immediately. Then little by little you can upgrade your wardrobe with new looks that are right for you. I’m willing to bet your confidence will soar and it won’t be on those “wings” you and Farrah used to wear!

Sued for Being Ugly?

baby Feng

Have you heard the story about Jian Feng suing his wife for having an ugly baby? This story is both hilarious and sad. Hilarious in the way that it’s so  crazy and unbelievable. Sad in the way that you can’t imagine what this poor child will grow up to feel like. It’s just so outrageous that a man would sue a woman for having HIS ugly baby. It seems, a paternity test was ordered and confirmed that he was indeed the father. So now we know that his DNA played a major part in the looks of this child. Bless her heart! Then the woman finally opened up and confessed that she may have had some plastic surgery before they met. Like $100,000 worth of plastic surgery! First, let’s recognize that that amount of plastic surgery is nothing short of extreme! I’m sure major changes had been made. But if you look at the photos of the father, he certainly was no prize.

The question of the day is do you think she should have told him before they decided to marry or at least before they procreated that she had some work done? Should anybody tell a prospective spouse about a nose job, lipo, hair coloring, or even braces……? I mean we all do things that alter our natural looks a little. Even going to the gym alters our physique. Where is the line drawn where you must disclose changes you’ve made to your natural looks?

Woman sued for having ugly babyYou must also consider the reverse of this. What about the woman or man that is considered to be naturally beautiful and then lets themselves “go” after saying “I do”? This happens way more often than not. After tying the knot, they no longer work out or spend as much time on their looks. Their beauty fades because they no longer make it a priority. It’s like the ole bait and switch!

Now let’s talk about the poor child involved in this. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s face it, most newborns haven’t reached their full potential of beauty at birth. But as a parent, the first time you hold your baby in your arms you think you are looking at the most precious and beautiful creation ever born. It’s the love in your heart that makes your child beautiful. I can’t believe that this man would sue and WIN on the basis that HIS child was ugly. And what about the story of the Ugly Duckling? Many children that wouldn’t win a beauty pageant grow up to be beautiful. The fact is, looks change over time. Many things can contribute to this. Plastic surgery is only one of them.

Swim Style | Fringe with Benefits and Retro One Pieces

 White Fringe Swimsuit

Swimsuit season is here! A big trend has made its way onto tops and one pieces everywhere – Fringe!


Fringe has been spotted on apparel this season and has transitioned into swim style.


L Space Swimwear has mastered this look with another huge trend, pops of color! L Space has an amazing assortment of one pieces, triangle tops, and bandeau tops.


The fringe adds movement to your swimwear giving form to any body shape and size. It’s flattering for women’s swimwear and this trend has been selling out everywhere. If you can snag a piece of this collection online keep in mind what looks best on your body – a triangle top, a one piece, or bandeau.


The colors on the L Space collection are amazing and are available in purple, lime green, white, violet, and turquoise. There are also solids that have amazing structure fit for any chic pool party.


Another top trend this season one pieces. One pieces are retro chic and are flattering on any body according to the structure of the suit. If you have short legs aim for something with a higher hip cut, if no curves one pieces create this for you.


There are various one pieces out there so try them on and take note of what’s working best on your body. Bring a friend because if getting a sales Black One Piece Swimsuitwoman’s opion – they’ll tell you that everything looks good on you. A friend is honest. If you need a stylists opinion take pictures in each piece that you’re trying on to send in.

Rationalizing – How to Save Money!

White Skinny JeansRecently I found a pair of white jeans that fit me perfect but talked myself out of purchasing them because they just weren’t in the budget. My girlfriends were with me at the time and continued to tell me how great they were and how I should have bought them because “how often do you find something that fits that good?”

A few days later, I talked myself into going back to the boutique just to see if they still had my size. Yea, they did.! So, for $100 I had a new pair of jeans that fit really good. As soon as I got them home, I was excited to see that I had many tops that looked great with them.

But, there was a problem; I had no shoes that would work. I couldn’t waste the $100 dollars that I had spent on the jeans, could I? Noooooo way, I had to immediately go in search of shoes that would enable me to actually wear the jeans. After a quick run to the mall, I found the perfect shoes to compliment the jeans and complete the ensemble. So, by my logic, I spent $85 on a new pair of shoes in order to save the $100 that I had spent on the jeans. Because without the shoes, the $100 on the jeans would have been totally wasted. Right? You follow my reasoning here, don’t you? This is economics 101.