Eeeek! I have polka dotted legs!

Polka Dot legs



I have a confession to make; if you see my legs, the tan is fake! Yep, I use self-tanner/ leg makeup on my legs if I’m going to show them. If you have seen the cover photo on my new book, Networking: Naked & Unafraid, you know I’m showing a lot of leg. I’ve had all kinds of compliments on how my legs look in that photo. But I do have to admit that I used a miracle product called Air Brush Legs before I took that picture. It’s truly miraculous how that stuff works and I’m so VERY thankful to my friend who told me about that product. Who knew it was that easy?


You see, I’m really pale and I’m not excited about doing any further damage to my skin by sunbathing and getting a REAL tan. So, I try to take the edge off of my paleness by using a little self-tanner. I feel like it’s a public service. Trust me on this!


The problem is with all this rain we’ve been having this Spring! When I want to wear a dress, I apply a little self-tanner on my legs before I head out so I won’t blind people with my whiteness. If you’ve ever used this stuff you know that it takes hours for this stuff to create the perfect tan. It has to stay dry and “cure” for a while. But if you step out into the rain, you get wet and that counteracts whatever miracle product is in there that makes you look tan. But it doesn’t get wet all over, just in spots. Hence, polka dotted legs! It’s not a great look.


When I complained about this recently, I was told that this was a “white girl problem”. I had to laugh at this because I never really considered that before. So if you are fortunate enough to have a naturally tan complexion, be thankful that you don’t have to deal with polka dotted legs.


Here’s a pic from the photo shoot for my book cover.

Check out that flawless fake tan!

Book cover SI small

Hurry Up Patience!



Patience is not the ability to wait but how you act while you’re waiting. ~Joyce Meyer


Frustration doesn’t open doors. Patience and perseverance does. This is a hard one to learn. Sometimes people don’t do what we want them to do or even what they say they will do. If we react with frustration, or even worse, cop an attitude, then it only shuts the door tighter. We can’t force people to act the way we want them to. We can’t bend others to our will. All that will do is alienate them and bring out the worst in them. We must show patience.


People let us down from time to time. We make choices on how we react and those choices determine the outcome. This doesn’t mean that you need to be passive. Being patient isn’t synonymous with being a pushover. We must have boundaries and recognize when we are being used, treated unfairly or facing unreasonable demands.  But when we do need to stand up for what is right, we can do it with compassion and patience.


I write this because I have found that I’ve needed a great deal of patience in my life recently. I understand that I am being given opportunities to grow but sometimes I REALLY wish the lesson could be finished. Like NOW! The reality is, I know learning patience will be a lifelong lesson and that I will continue to face the allure of frustration. My hope is to be patient with my progress.


If you believe in something enough, then move forward with patience, compassion and perseverance. Good things will come.

Embrace Your Uniqueness!

Be You Maritza Ortega

The other day I heard someone saying “Life gets easier when you figure out who you are and who you are not.”  I thought about it but it never clicked until today. Most of the time, I need to know how to apply things to myself so I can fully understand them.

How many times have you wished to be more like someone else? I have!

Plenty of times I have wished to be as funny, as talkative, as stylish, as crazy or as popular as someone else. I have also wished I could laugh or write and speak with colorful words like someone else. Trying and not being able to do those things only leaves frustration.

Stop wishing to be someone you are not. There are people who are into you and people who are not. That’s OK. Don’t try to be who you are not so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.

It is easier said than done because we are always paying more attention to those things we are not. Identify those things you are not and accept them, but then identify those unique qualities in you and embrace them. Recognizing what’s unique in you will release you from the desire to be more like someone else.

The crazy part is that there are people who admire you and wish they could be more like you. Funny huh! Be you, you never know who you are inspiring.

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Don’t worry ‘bout a thing!



I must confess; sometimes, I am a worrier. But looking at this picture of the beautiful Texas bluebonnets brings me peace. It reminds me to be still and take in the power and glory of my Father. So many things in life are beyond our control but seeing the brilliant art that He provides us every day is a blessing beyond words.


Are you really good at worrying? Do you excel at thinking about things until you think you’ve found a solution at hand? Does paranoia creep into your thoughts? Do you stay up at night worrying about all the what-ifs? Does worry even make you sick?


If this describes you, I ask you, think about these preoccupations. What has grabbed your attention? What is keeping you awake at night? What kinds of things are making you stress out to the point of sickness?


There have been times in my life that worry takes hold and I’m crippled by it. I lay awake at night fruitlessly trying to solve all the problems of the world. When I do this, it’s usually only for a short time because I eventually realize that I’m not really in control and whatever plan I’m able to devise is far inferior to what God has planned. My small mind cannot even begin to comprehend the whys and hows of what lies ahead. So I continue on my journey to “Let Go and Let God”.


I have found that one of the ways I’m able to let go is to ask myself if whatever has me upset, worried, and agitated will still matter in one year. If the answer is “no”, then that tells me that it must not really be that important. That one simple question tends to eliminate a great deal of what is struggling to dominate my thoughts.


I know that sometimes things that really don’t matter in the “big picture” can get us worked into a frenzy. When that happens we lose sight of where we are going and what our intentions are. It may even sabotage our efforts to be productive and kindhearted.


If we focus on what matters most and what will still matter many years from now such as; God, grace, love, health, family, joy, and charity, then we can quickly realize that little things that prey on us need to be let go. So I encourage you; Let Go, Let God and look around and be thankful for all that you are blessed with. His will be done.


Don’t worry ‘bout a thing, ‘cause every little thing gonna be alright.


~ Bob Marley

Let Go

bird leaving cage


Two years ago, I was let go from the job I had for 9 years. Today, I realize the POWER of those words. I was Let Go, freed, released. I was let go from captivity. The door was opened for me to spread my wings and FLY!

I was let go from a place where my possibilities were limited. I was let go from a job with no more room to grow and learn. I was let go from a tedious 8-5 and Monday thru Friday routine. I was let go from an environment where gossip and envy were the daily bread. I was let go so I could discover my potential!

At first, I was more like a bird who fell out of the nest and doesn’t know how to fly. A bird, who doesn’t know where to go. Scared and uncertain of what’s out there.

In the process of finding out, I have discovered  a lot of opportunities, I’ve met wonderful people, I have discovered things I never knew I had in me and I have discovered that every day is an adventure waiting for me to live it.

Two years ago I was “Let Go” to a world full of opportunities where the sky is the limit! And, I am thankful, indeed!