Healthy is the New Skinny

woman choosing healthy over junk


I’ve recently become quite addicted to Pinterest and have created several boards that demonstrate my opinions on many different things. One of them is called “Get Up and Move”. It has several photos of women who are fit and thin. Many of you already know that I am an exercise enthusiast.  I eat healthy most  (key word) of the time and am admittedly a little fortunate when it comes to being predisposed to being skinny. Yes, I’m skinny…… partly because I get it from my dad and partly because I make a conscious effort to live a healthy life.  I love healthy food and know from experience that when I eat something fried or super sugary it makes me feel like crap.


I haven’t always been so health conscious. I was a typical kid that drank sodas and ate at McDonalds every weekend. I was young and, at the time, painfully skinny. String bean was one of the names I was called by the girls that filled out nicely in High School. My legs have always looked like bean poles. Lunges and squats became words in my vocabulary early in my twenties and I still work diligently trying to grow some muscles on these bean poles. You see, skinny girls get teased too. And then there are always the eating disorder rumors that are just plain cruel and never seem to cease.


But when I started getting older, I became more in tune to what my body was feeling. I became aware of what gave me energy and made me feel good and what made me feel lethargic and sick. The body is an amazing vessel and if nourished properly, it will serve you well. I simply started paying attention to what my body was telling me. For most of us, being healthy is a choice we make every day. What you put in your body has a direct effect on how you look and feel. It’s basically up to each person to decide what they want. I have also been into exercising most of my life. There were definitely years when my kids were very young that I didn’t get to the gym but I can tell you that my days have NEVER consisted of sitting on the couch watching TV. I guess I just like being active which is another fortunate thing that keeps me thin. But again, it’s a choice.


So what I’m getting to is this picture that I pinned on Pinterest that stirred up all kinds of discourse. The comments were all over the place in support and in horror. Some insisted that I was encouraging anorexia and should remove the photo while others said it was a statement about balance and healthy choices. Some claimed that no healthy woman should be a size 0-3. Without a doubt, it generated some strong emotions and opinions. But think about how the general population looked about 150 years ago when people grew their own food and worked their own gardens, they were strong and thin. They didn’t over-eat or sit around all day consuming sodas filled with sugar. They didn’t have the processed foods in their pantry that so many of us eat today which are filled with chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. I always say that if God made it, it’s healthy. If man made it, it’s probably not. Again, we all make choices. Do I eat some of the junk? Of course I do, in MODERATION!


Fitness Inspiration


Many think I’m “lucky” because I have a “great metabolism” but if they did what I did and ate what I ate, they would change their mind about that. Follow me around for a few days and you’ll see that I’m simply dedicated to good health and to feeling good. It’s a priority to me. I won’t apologize for being thin or for being a size 0. It’s a result of the choices I make daily. If you’re unhappy with your state of health, make some changes. No magic diet or pill will do it for you. It takes getting into a regular habit of exercise and making good choices with food. Give it a try. Keep in mind that you can change your tastes with food. It’s a life style change and you won’t see results overnight….although you will feel them immediately. You only have to want it more than you want that slice of pizza.


I realize that this article is going to create controversy just as it did on Pinterest. It’s not my intention to hurt feelings or cause anyone to become anorexic or feel like I’m saying having curves is bad. I know that thin and healthy looks different on each of us. We are all built differently and we need to appreciate those differences instead of making fun of them on each other. Being healthy is the key. That’s why there are guidelines and charts that calculate a range for what is healthy for each individual person. Do I think those photos are what is perfect? No, not really. They show one body type. I just liked how it put some choices out there to consider.

Be mindful of the choices you make.