Is it Really a Lie?

telling lies

I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with my boyfriend for years. It concerns what makes a lie, a lie!

I say anything that isn’t true is a lie. If you only admit a partial truth in order to conceal something, that’s a lie too. Especially if it’s to hide your own transgressions, no matter how trivial. I say that some lies are most definitely meant to protect the listener but they are still a lie.

He says if a lie is told to protect from hurting someones feelings then it’s not really a lie. I say we all lie everyday. He says he never lies.



Junk Jiggling


Man Cave

Okay Gentlemen, this is definitely one for deep in the Man Cave. It’s something that has women everywhere baffled. Something that we totally do NOT relate to and can’t even begin to wrap our brains around. It’s a little personal so if you blush easily, stop reading now!

Here goes: What we want to try to understand is WHY some men, not all, but SOME men have a habit of touching, jiggling, lifting your leg and doing a little jump, putting your hand in your pocket and getting busy, re-arranging, grazing past, and even out-right grabbing their junk in public. They do it right in front of us and sometimes do it repeatedly. What exactly are you doing? Are you uncomfortable? Has there been movement and you must adjust? Do you need medicine? Are you checking to see if it’s all still there? Do you just want us to look that direction? What is going on down there?

Please explain this to us. It’s quite unnerving to see and we really wish you would refrain from this activity in front of us. Please keep it in the Man Cave!

Where do you draw the line between being faithful and cheating?

Bill Clinton with cigar


With Valentines Day upon us, let’s talk love. What exactly does being faithful mean to you?

Many of us are old enough to remember hearing President Bill Clinton say “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. But it turns out that he was kinda talking technicalities and I believe even die hard Bill Clinton fans will agree that he had indeed crossed the line.

In your opinion, what is crossing the line? Does it start with physical contact? Is it secretly meeting someone for a drink or dinner? What about emotional infidelity? Do you think the rules are different for you than they are for a woman? Tell us what you think unacceptable behavior with the opposite sex is if you are in a committed relationship. Where do YOU draw the line?