Do You Love Your Age?

Love your Age

Yesterday I was standing in the grocery store line glancing at the latest magazine headlines, when one in particular jumped out at me. It read “Love Your Age”. Wow what a profound statement.

Being a self-proclaimed observer, I always look within myself first.  So I’m thinking …do I feel and act like fifty? What’s so funny is I caught myself making the comparison to what fifty used to be. So am I a fuddy duddy now?

What I have noticed is there seems to be line being drawn even for people in their fifties, sixties, seventies and so on. It seems that with each age group there are two different groups. People that live by their age vs people that love and embrace their lives. Not their age!

My grandfather lived to be nearly ninety-seven and one of the profound things that I learned from him was to not let your age define you. Live outside that box. Your physical well being is only half of the equation.  While it is important to stay active and eat a somewhat healthy diet, how you view life, yourself and others is the other half. The world is ever changing and being open and curious to the changes around you is so important!

Why do so many people focus on living their life according to their age instead of living life everyday to it’s greatest potential. Forget about the sliding scale and where and what you should be doing now according to your age. Honestly it’s an injustice to you. As we get older, people are haunted by the fear of failure. They are afraid of looking back and realizing they haven’t done or accomplished anything worthwhile. What an enormous burden to place on yourself.  Always, always look to the road ahead of you because you have already been down the one behind you!


I personally hate guessing people’s age. In many cases it’s not a true indicator of how old they really are.

My definition, observation and opinion of “Old Age”:

Old people come in all age groups. In fact, it has nothing to do with their biological age at all. If you are closed minded, offended by other peoples opinions because they are different than yours, not subject to change or make it a point to live life according to your biological age…..then you are too old!

*Note- I personally don’t care about any of this so therefore I am young! Ha.


So to answer the question, do I love my age? The answer is yes because to be honest, half the time I forget what my age really is!



“The best way to love and give homage to your age is to love thyself”!