It’s the little things that matter

Ms Janets house

Today, I was just arriving home, when my good neighbor, Grandma Janet, as we call her, called me to take a look at her new curtains. I had plans to go straight to my home office and tackle my “To Do List.” I thought I’d go for just a few minutes. She asked if I wanted something to drink and I said; “why not?” We sat, we talked, we looked at pictures and we enjoyed the moment of a rainy day viewed through her breakfast room window. It was time well spent!

I have to say that I love going to her house! Let me tell you why. I once had a Grandmother who loved me very much. I was the apple of her eyes! The thing is that we lived together and even though I have great memories of her, I never got to experience “going to grandma’s house.” Going to Ms. Janet’s is what “going to grandma’s” is. Every time I go to her house, I’m not particularly thirsty or hungry, but she always has something we can sit at the table with. What I love the most is enjoying her cookie jar collection, her “Gone with the Wind” collection and her nursery rhyme characters collection. All these things are proper of a grandmother.

It is easy to talk to someone when you have time, but sometimes we need to free our time to talk to someone. It’s not about having time. It’s about making time.

Those are the little things that matter! Making time to enjoy someone’s company, a cup of coffee or just a conversation on a rainy day.

Never be too busy for the people you love. Never allow pursuits or possessions to become bigger priorities than our relationships.

With Action Comes Responsibility and Accountability



Do you have a great idea? Having ideas is common. Seeing them come to fruition isn’t. Ideas must be acted on or they will forever remain just an idea.


Many people have GREAT ideas! Ideas, that if were implemented, would undoubtedly be regarded as brilliant, life-changing, cutting- edge and wildly successful. But they never get shared. They never meet their potential because they are kept safe in the creator’s head.


Many times, it’s fear, not laziness that keeps us from executing an idea. Fear that when the thing that we’ve been talking about doing is finally done and out there, we will be judged. We won’t be held responsible and accountable for this thing we have created and as long as it’s just an idea and we won’t have that anxiety to deal with. We hesitate by telling ourselves it’s not the right time to take action because of the apprehension that we feel. This way we don’t have to worry about mistakes that may have been made or about parts needing improvement because it’s all safely tucked away in our head where there is no judgment.


If there is something in your head, nagging at you to be shared, don’t let fear of judgment keep you from implementing it. I want to encourage you to put it out there. Be brave! Put action to your thoughts and ideas. It’s okay if they aren’t fully developed or perfect when you start. You have to start somewhere and sometime and the time is now! You can make adjustments and improvements once you have a concrete thing to work with. All ideas require fine tuning once they are implemented. We need real life feedback, criticism and analysis. Don’t be intimidated by it.


Yes, you will face judgment by your peers. But let me share something with you, you will face that even if the idea remains in your head. So get it out there. Take some risks, make adjustments, and allow that thing in your head, that brilliant idea, to develop into something amazing! Do it today!


“Only those who will risk going too far can possibility find out how far one can go.”   ~ T.S. Eliot


Now, I am going to share with you MY big idea and hope you will join me:

Naked Branding Tour


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Face Value


Look at that precious face! When you look at an infants face you see purity. You see innocence and truth. Babies don’t have ulterior motives. There are no cries without true discomfort. There are no games or politics. When does that begin to change? When do we start telling half-truths and manipulating with our words and actions? Is it just survival for us, a compulsory protection of our hearts and desires that develops into narcissism? I don’t know the answers to these questions but I do know that children start learning manipulation and deception at a pretty young age.


What is “Face Value”? It’s simplicity. It’s when you actually DON’T have to look for the hidden agenda, motive, angle, slant, what’s NOT being said, or the truth. It’s staring you in the face! Face value is purely the truth!


I have gone through much of my life expecting that what others say is the truth. I’ve generally trusted that people are genuine and authentic. I’ve chosen to believe the words that have been spoken were without ulterior motives and that my relationships were real. But along my journey, I’ve become a bit jaded because at times I’ve seen that I was occasionally wrong to trust and allow myself to become vulnerable. Unfortunately, quite often people do have agendas and motives different from what they lead you to believe.


I have noticed that when this has happened, I usually had some kind of intuition warning me, prior to full discovery of the truth, which I chose to ignore. I’ve gotten much better at listening to that intuition, discerning sincerity and seeing beyond what is being said and done. Yes, I’ve been hurt and betrayed by a few but this doesn’t cause me to want to give up. It’s just made me trust my intuitions and instincts and be smarter, braver, and more determined to be different and thrive in spite of the pain and betrayal caused by those who never matured and moved past child like self-absorption.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be known for being smart, kind, authentic, honest and forthcoming? What if every time you spoke people knew, without any doubt, there was no hidden agenda? Think of the growth we could experience in relationships if people just instinctually spoke with kindness, honesty and without expectations attached. What if we all loved like babies do? The deeper connection and trust that would inevitably develop would be incredible! Being known for speaking the truth would be mind-blowing! Your true heart would be known and understood as you speak. Think of the healing you could facilitate. Ah, what power! Power solely for good!


I want others to feel like they can take my words at “Face Value”. This is something that I want to be more conscious of and work on. I’m going to check myself when I speak to determine if my words are sincere and constructive. If I am successful, I can inspire others to do the same.

Driving Stick

looking in rearview mirrir

Sometimes, life is like driving stick shift! If you’ve ever driven a manual transmission, you’re really going to grasp what I’m talking about here.


There are times in life when we seem to be coasting, enjoying the scenery and the ride. There are no potholes, speed bumps or uphill climbs. There isn’t a lot of effort required from us to get through each day. Life is good! It’s very good!


Then there are times when it’s not effortless at all. Especially when we are facing mountains. Occasionally, we must come to a stop in order to regroup and gather strength to continue on our journey. It’s in these times that we need to keep our foot on the brake to ensure that we don’t slide backwards and crash into what’s behind us. It’s not good for us to dwell on past drama.


When driving stick, you must keep your foot on the clutch and the brake when you come to a stop on an incline. When it’s time to go, you have to be ready to move forward by simultaneously taking your foot off the brake and give it gas as you release the clutch. If you don’t give it gas, you will slide backwards and possibly crash into what’s behind you. Even if you have a slow start, it’s important to just go. You can’t be afraid to give it some gas!


In life, it’s never wise to focus too long on your past mistakes and drama. Yes, we learn from it but we must keep moving forward because it does us no good to linger or go backwards and crash. It’s okay if you have to take it slow, just drive.





Sometimes we have trouble getting started. We let fear paralyze us. This is why we need people in our lives to encourage us to step outside of our fear. It may even require a gentle push. That’s what good friends and family are for.


We all need people who will be there during the times we stall and have drama. But understand that not everyone wants to see you take off and go because they are drawn to the stall and the drama. It’s what they relate to. It’s where they are comfortable.


More importantly, we need friends who are willing to give us a push. People who have faith in us and genuinely want to see us fly!


If you need a little momentum and encouragement to get going, make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who really want to see you GO! It’s like popping the clutch. If you only hang out with those who want to sit in the car with you and talk about drama, you’ll remain stationary forever. You’ve got to have people who will give you a push and then sincerely celebrate your forward motion when you take off.


Me, a professional speaker?

Jerry Seinfeld |


What makes you scared? For many people, the answer to that question is public speaking. It was for me for many years. The thought of standing up in front of a room and speaking was something that sent me running scared. I even hated standing up at networking events and saying my name and the name of my business. My stomach would be in knots until the ordeal was over with.


My entrance into public speaking was not something that I actually strived for. I was pushed. There was a monthly networking luncheon that I regularly attended and it was structured as such that each month a speaker was chosen to do a ten-minute spotlight. The host would draw a card out of a fishbowl to see who would be the next month’s speaker. Each time they did this, I would silently pray, “Please, please don’t pick me!” I had NO desire to get up in front of the group and speak.


My prayers worked for quite some time, but guess what? Yes, eventually my card was drawn. I could see my card being pulled out of the bowl and immediately started to panic and tell the person next to me to tell the host to choose someone else. Draw another card! I didn’t want to do it! But, to no avail, my networking neighbor said no. He told me that I could do it. I had a whole month to prepare and it was only ten minutes. He wisely told me that I should just simply tell my story.


You see, I had seen others time and time again get up in front of our group and put on the sales hat. It was always a sales pitch. They were so entrenched in the selling mode that no one wanted to listen to what they had to say. It was always so off putting to me and I didn’t want to be that person. That’s why I didn’t want to be a speaker. I didn’t want to do that to people.


I reluctantly agreed to do a ten-minute spotlight and I shared my story of being a woman in her late 40’s who, through life’s circumstances, had to reinvent herself and figure out how to make a living and support herself in spite of lack of experience, skill or knowledge. I told my story. It was authentic and simply me. Many people related to what I had to say.


Yes, I was nervous, to the point that I actually drank about half a glass of wine to calm my nerves. But it turned out okay! Nobody laughed at me or pointed fingers. People even came up to me and told me that my story inspired them and motivated them to not give in to frustrations. In fact, I started getting asked to speak at other networking events after that. I did it because I realized that each time, someone there needed to hear my message. Each time it got easier.


Now, a few years later, I’ve learned so much from speaking. I know that some people will like me and identify with my message and some won’t. Not everybody is meant to connect with me and that’s okay. I’m only there for the people that relate to me and need to hear my message.


None of us live our lives being un-judged by others. It happens every day no matter what you do. Whether you are in the spotlight or the one who silently walks into a room hoping to be unnoticed, people are judging you and it’s okay. Believe in your purpose and trust that you are here to share your best positive self with those that you meet.


When you approach public speaking from a service perspective, it makes it not about you. Thinking about all the good you will be doing for the people that need to hear your message takes all the pressure away. Speak up, share your message, have faith and trust that you are making a positive difference in someone’s life.