My Secret TV Addiction

There is something about summer time TV. I don’t actually watch much television at all and when I do, it tends to be either football or something that I’ve recorded for when I want to just be mindless and veg out on the couch. But there are a couple of shows that I really get caught up in…. including So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother. I LOVE these shows. I set them up to record since my life has me out and about at most reasonable hours. But I confess, I totally look forward to catching up on each episode as soon as I get a chance. I get so drawn into the personalities and drama. It’s a great escape for me.


So You Think You Can Dance has been airing for 9 seasons and I think each one gets better. I do love watching these young dancers who have sacrificed hours and hours, year after year pursuing what they love. Such passion is admirable! The choreography is cutting-edge and I have to admit that I also admire the well-defined physiques if you know what I mean. I find myself crying at a moving performance in practically every episode. So don’t be surprised if you see me with puffy eyes over the next month or so. It’s one of the hazards of being overly emotional. I can’t help it and they do say that tears are cleansing ……. so consider me thoroughly cleansed by the end of the season.


The show I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY look forward to is Big Brother! It’s like a human chess game. I got hooked on this 3 years ago, the summer I became single again. I needed to escape my own drama in a Big way (pardon the pun) and this show was perfect. It was great to focus on other peoples’ lives and ridiculous behavior for a few hours each week. I got sucked in and can’t let go now. It’s a little embarrassing to be addicted to a reality show but it’s the truth and I embrace it.


So this season is about to start and I’ve been snooping around learning about the house guests for Big Brother 14. It seems like they have a well-rounded, mostly young, and hot cast (one has already dropped out and been replaced before it even airs) and of course there will be some house guests from seasons past. I just really HOPE that Rachel Reilly isn’t one of them. I don’t think I can take another season of her whining and fake tears. Ooops did I really say that? Yes, this show brings out the cattiness in me. I told you, I get a little wrapped up in all the drama.


So if you are one of the people who subscribe to the live feed that shows all the crazy, juicy details…. Fill me in on what’s happening. Who’s doing who, who’s lying, cheating, stealing…..I don’t get a chance to watch this but I admit to being very intrigued by what people will do with the full knowledge that the world can see them at every moment. This show is the perfect drug for the people watching addict.