Wardrobe Mistakes

woman looking in closet

Do you have a closet full of items that you never wear? Some even mocking you because they still have the price tags hanging on them?  Wondering why you ever bought it in the first place. I must admit that I’m guilty of this.  I mean, was I just in the mood to buy something? Did I buy it under pressure, wanting something new for a special event ? Was it a great deal? What on earth was I thinking at the time? On the other hand, do you have a handful of favorite pieces that you wear over and over again? Items that your inner circle of friends are tired of seeing? Have you noticed in pictures of yourself that you have on the same outfit on many different occasions? Amy E. Goodman, author of Wear This, Toss That, says you should pull out 5 things in each clothing category that you would like to wear every day if no one would notice. Then ask yourself a few questions about why you love wearing that item so much. Having that knowledge will help you the next time you set out to add to your wardrobe. Wouldn’t it be nice to only have things hanging in your closet that you love to wear? Following are a list of questions to ask yourself:What’s the overall style? Is it tailored, soft, feminine?

What side of you does it project? Professional or edgy and fashionable.

How does the color look on you?

What’s the fabric like?

Is the silhouette slim or flowing?

Does is accentuate favorable body parts?

Does it camouflage body parts that you would like to improve on?

Is it comfortable to wear?


Once you have answered these questions, you will learn why you love certain things in your closet and you will be able to do a better job of finding more things that perfectly fit your style and body. Just be careful not to buy replicas of what you already own. The next step is to evaluate the items in your closet that you never wear. You need to figure out why you bought them and why you don’t wear them. Not nearly as much fun, but it’s necessary.

Did you love it 20 years ago?

Do you have a place to wear it?

Does it require special care?

Is it “too young or too old”?

Does it look cheap?

Did you buy it because it was a great bargain?

Was it a one season trend?

Pay close attention to your answers so you can avoid repeating your past mistakes.

Next, take an inventory of what you are lacking to make key pieces in your existing wardrobe more flexible and wearable. Then take a good hard look at the go-to pieces that you wear and evaluate whether or not it’s a little worn out looking or if it can make it another season.  Think about how you dress most of the time. Do you spend your days in business attire or do you wear casual clothes? Julie Watson, merchandising director for Banana Republic says to remember that you should have 3 times as many tops as bottoms. People focus on you from the waist up. Make a list of what you need. That way you’ll be less tempted to make that impulse purchase of something that you may not wear or already have too much of. After you’ve done all this, call me and let’s go shopping!